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Home is where the dog is - why dogs belong inside

About a year ago I adopted my Border Collie Loki from KLAWS. Now I can’t even remember what life was like without him. Sure, I definitely had more space in my bed and didn’t wake up at night having 20 Kilos walking all over me but having him close is all I need to be happy.

I always wanted to have a dog and knew that he’ll sleep right next to me, but I can understand that most people and even their dogs prefer some more space and privacy. It’s probably best for everyone to set some rules and have separate beds.

However, KLAWS and I agree that every dog deserves a space inside the house, whether that is in the bed, a crate, on the couch or a different part of the house.

It is true, dogs love being outside, smelling and inspecting everything, digging holes and barking, but what they love even more is being with their family. Dogs are pack animals, it’s not in their nature to be outside on their own, while everyone they love is inside, warm and cozy next to the heater. Besides being at a bigger risk of getting sick, they will feel lonely. Even if they have another dog to keep them company, the family is not complete.

And hey - would you like to sleep outside in the cold, in the rain? No? So why would they?

Being on walks or in the park together, playing, running and chasing the ball is fun and important but the real bonding happens in the evening when you curl up against each other. That’s where you become a family.

And even though I get out of bed with a numb foot and neck pain every morning - I wouldn’t want it any other way. There’s just nothing better for me then waking up in the morning next to my furry best friend.


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