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KLAWS was founded in 2006 by a group of animal loving volunteers in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. The area in which KLAWS operates has since expanded to include the Iveragh peninsula and northern parts of the Beara peninsula. KLAWS achieved registered charity status in June 2017, and continues to grow. Sadly, this growth is to meet the demands of an increasingly large number of abandoned animals in our community. 

in 2019, KLAWS helped over 300 animals which were abandoned, lost or are simply no longer wanted. Some of these animals are farm dogs or cats that have grown too old to work, as well as litters of kittens and puppies which occur as a result of a reluctance to neuter or spay working animals. All of these animals received the necessary medical attention and were adopted out to new loving and safe homes. 


KLAWS works closely with other rescues, especially Wiccaweys Border Collie Rescue in the UK to help get the dogs a home, and a new life that sometimes is not available here in Ireland.

KLAWS is staffed entirely by volunteers, and every cent raised goes to support the care and welfare of companion animals, and operates a charity shop in the SuperValu Shopping Centre in Kenmare. 

Charity Objectives:

1.3 The Main Object of KLAWS is to provide care and treatment and to rehome unwanted, abandoned and ill-treated dogs and cats. This is achieved by:- 

1.3.1 Providing treatment for those that are sick and injured and in need of rehabilitation 

1.3.2 Finding permanent homes in Ireland and, where necessary, overseas.

1.3.3 Neutering all dogs and cats coming into our care. 

1.3.4 Promoting the benefits of neutering to the local community.

1.3.5 Operating a trap, neuter, release program for feral cat colonies, which are problematic in our local communities thus combatting feline viruses. 

1.3.6 Microchipping all dogs coming into our care. 

1.3.7 We also use our knowledge of the local community's pet population to help in reuniting lost pets with their owners. 

1.3.8 To educate the pet-owning community, especially children, about responsible pet ownership. 

1.3.9 To increase awareness of animal welfare issues generally within the local community. 

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