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Dog Adoptions: 

Kenmare Locality Animal Welfare Society (KLAWS) M:0879704480


Adoption Policy for Dogs and Puppies. V2020.1.1



Firstly we homecheck everyone, no matter where they are. We are looking for family homes for our dogs. All members of the family must be on board with adopting. This means they are indoor pets and part of the family, not kept outside in kennels on their own. There must be a secure garden or a secure area attached to the house. This is to keep the dog or pup from roaming and getting into trouble with livestock or the road. If renting we would need a letter or email from the landlord giving permission to have the pet. There is an adoption fee of €200. 



If homing a small puppy, the pup can't be left alone for long periods. There's an adoption fee of €200 for a puppy. This covers vaccination, worming and their microchip. If the puppy isn’t neutered you must agree to organize this yourself when the puppy is 6 - 7 months old. It is a lot to digest but it's all for the good of our dogs and the new owners as it’s a lifetime commitment. Let us know if you’re happy to proceed by filling out the form below. Again thanks for your interest.

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