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Finding a forever home in the UK 

Jerry (now Jake) found his perfect forever home!

We have a lovely update to share with you guys! Our wonderful cuddle monster Jerry has found his perfect forever home! He is now named Jake! A new name for a new start! He now gets to experience how the other half live and what living really means. He now gets to enjoy all the pleasures of being a pampered pooch! Like chilling in the garden before taking a stroll to the park to meet some friends. 

Good on you Jake. You deserve it!! Lots of hugs and kisses - The KLAWS Team. 

Meet Cisco

Everyone we would like to introduce you to our beautiful boy Cisco. He is not ready for adoption yet. He is currently with one our wonderful fosterers, but we wanted to tell you all about him. 

Unfortunately we don't have much of a back story on this boy as he was a stray so we can only tell you what we do know. He's about one and half years old and painfully shy and nervous, especially around men. It seems fairly obvious to us that he has never lived in a house and has not had many favourable interactions with humans in the past. The flight instinct is strong in him but we can only assume this is from the past need for survival. He can bearly walk on the leash at the moment, if anything happens he drops or tries to run away. 

All this boy needs is time and loving care. He is a total sweetheart and has started opening up to recieve attention and most importantly, belly rubs! He is starting to see humans may not be as scary as he thought, atleast not all of them. He loves the company of other dogs which is lovely to watch. 

Some people think the dogs come in and go straight off out to their forever home and thankfully this is true in some cases. However sometimes the dogs are simply not ready to go straight out to being a family pet. They need time love and attention for them to open up and become their true selves. This is where our amazing fosterers come in. They help these dogs adjust to human life and what we expect of them as a pet such as house training or getting used to living in a house in general.  

Honestly KLAWS couldn't do the amazing work they do without them! Sometimes it can be hard for one reason or another but Boy! is it worth it! When you see a dog like Cisco transform from a scared dog who is hurting to a confident fun-loving family pet there is no better feeling in the world. 

We will follow Ciscos story and keep you all updated! Watch this space! Cisco we are all rooting for you!