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New Arrival -
Klaws Mugs 

Now you can pick up your KLAWS mugs enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon tea break. They are designed using our brand new branding and logo. All proceeds go towards the care of the animals in KLAWS care. ​

They are available in the shop section of this site and in the KLAWS Shop located in Kenmare town. 


Could a rescue dog be just what you are looking for?

In recent days, we at KLAWS animal rescue have seen a huge increase in the number of dogs needing help to find new homes. Now we are looking for any dog-lovers out there who have space in their hearts and their homes to adopt a rescue and give a dog a whole new life.

“There is always an increase in the number of dogs coming in after Christmas but this is unlike anything we’ve seen before”, says Denise Rawson, KLAWS chair. “We’re now caring for 25 dogs, but had to find space for 12 dogs in just 4 days last week.”

As we rely on volunteers to foster the dogs in their own homes, it has been overwhelming to have the sudden increase. We have had to put some dogs in kennels, just to get them out of dangerous situations. Now we’re hoping there are people out there who will adopt a dog and know that the benefits go two ways.

Many dog owners experience better mental health from having a loyal friend, better physical health from the walks and live longer lives. When adopting from a rescue charity like KLAWS there is also the warm feeling of helping an abandoned dog feel loved again.

If you think you can give a home to a KLAWS rescue dog, please call 087 970 4480. Alternatively look at the beautiful dogs, all looking for a new home and a life to brighten on our adoptions page. Register your interest and who knows, you could soon be sharing the sofa with a pal for life.

Denise Rawson, the KLAWS Chair says,

“We have pups desperate for new homes, so now we are into the early part of the New Year, can you find it in your heart to take a dog into your life? If anything or anyone can lift your spirits, a dog will. Always lending two ears while you natter, and never giving away any secrets you share. A dog can really change a life for the better.”

Looking for Heroes to work behind the scenes at KLAWS 

"This month we are looking for volunteer heroes working behind the scenes…creating, writing, organising. All to make sure the stories and photos of our gorgeous rescue animals are seen by as many as people as possible. They’re also helping us keep track of the many animals being rescued, treated, fostered and adopted, and making sure things run smoothly.

Does this sound like something you could help us with? We are a small charity but we’re growing every day and would love some more help with these ‘backroom’ operations. Our communications group is small and friendly so you’d be part of a team, working together to bring about the best possible outcome for every abandoned pup and kit.

We’d love to hear from you if you:
Are full of ideas for social media content or
like writing articles about animals (especially cats and dogs) or
have a flair for organisation and can help us with administration or
enjoy organising events.

Perhaps you’re looking to update your skills or want to gain some experience. Maybe you just love animals and want to help. A few hours a week would be ideal for social media or administration. The other roles are very flexible and you’d have no trouble fitting in your volunteering around other commitments.


KLAWS Shop Kenmare

Our KLAWS shop is in desperate need of some help at the moment. We need volunteers to help with the day to day running of the shop. The shop is a vital part of earning much needed funds to help the animals in KLAWS care. It is also a very important part of the Kenmare town and community. 

If you think you have the time to be able to help us out please contact via this website, social media or calling into the shop. 

Thank you in advance!

Opening Hours

Mon - Sat ~ 11am - 5pm 

KLAWS Shop is located in the Supervalu Shopping centre in Kenmare town

Why two might be better than one!

As anyone who has cats knows – two cats are better than one!

Two cats are better than one because they will keep each other company and that will help to keep both you and them sane. You won’t have to worry when you have to leave them for a weekend or so – two cats will keep each other from being bored and therefore doing silly, destructive stuff around the house. Yes, they will entertain each other, and you will be doubly entertained, too. Cuddles will be doubled; purring will sometimes seem like a competition with only winners around. And yes, you will have to get two wormers and two vaccinations regularly, and they will be eating for two. But the love they will give you will also be twofold, only it will feel more like a thousandfold!

Keith & Shane.jpg