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KLAWS Shop is located in the Supervalu Shopping centre in Kenmare town

Now you can pick up your KLAWS mugs enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon tea break. They are designed using our brand new branding and logo. All proceeds go towards the care of the animals in KLAWS care. ​

They are available in the shop section of this site and in the KLAWS Shop located in Kenmare town. 

Can you offer Ellen and Eden  their perfect forever home? 

Sisters Eden and Ellen came to KLAWS in September. They were about 3 months old then, so at Christmas they celebrated their 6-month birthday. This means that they have spent half their life waiting for their forever home. No, we can’t believe it either! Two of the sweetest girl cats in the world.

Because these sisters have been together since before birth, they have a very strong bond. They bring out the best in each other – for example, Ellen was very shy at first, recoiling from human touch, but Eden’s conviviality has really rubbed off on her sister, and she is now not afraid to show her soft and friendly side. They are so in sync that they often walk in parallel – you could use them to paint the double yellow lines on roads and they’d be the most evenly spaced lines imaginable. Of course, they fight too, like all sisters.
Sometimes, when you’re petting Eden, Ellen clambers over her sister in order to get petted instead. And then Eden feels that now she has to clamber over her sister to get back in the game. And then Ellen and then Eden, and so on. It’s almost too cute to believe! But sometimes they just want to be petted together – one on your right and the other on the left.
And for all these reasons we are hoping to find the two sisters a home together.
There’s one little thing, lest we forget – before coming to KLAWS, Eden had acquired an eye infection which went untreated and left her without vision in one eye. 


This old thing 

Beautiful Post written by one our amazing volunteers

The titular 'old thing' is a cat stand that was donated to the charity by its long-time supporter. That kind man actually asked the stand to be given to the 'cat lady with the blue and white rug'. Well, that's me, I guess. And this is it:

It's a modest thing, yes, but a thing that reminds us that sometimes it's the little things that can make all kinds of difference. And this little cat stand has brought so much joy and comfort to so many little felines. It's lost some of its sheen over time, sure, the cute cushion on top is missing most of the time, but it is still one of the biggest attractions in the kitten room, as far as the kittens are concerned;)

And this little blog post is all about paying pictorial homage to the generous donor.

The first kittens that got to check out the gift that just won't quit giving were Ripple, Vicious and Tiger.

Our KLAWS shop is in desperate need of some help at the moment. We need volunteers to help with the day to day running of the shop. The shop is a vital part of earning much needed funds to help the animals in KLAWS care. It is also a very important part of the Kenmare town and community. 

If you think you have the time to be able to help us out please contact via this website, social media or calling into the shop. 

Thank you in advance!


Eden and Ellen are just two girl cats, sitting in front of you, looking for someone to love them 

Why two might be better than one!

However, this is not a big impediment in her life, and she might even be OK in a garden away from big roads (just in case).
All you have to do now is ask yourself, is it me they're looking for?

Rolo is looking for her perfect forever home.

As anyone who has cats knows – two cats are better than one!
Two cats are better than one because they will keep each other company and that will help to keep both you and them sane. You won’t have to worry when you have to leave them for a weekend or so – two cats will keep each other from being bored and therefore doing silly, destructive stuff around the house. Yes, they will entertain each other, and you will be doubly entertained, too. Cuddles will be doubled; purring will sometimes seem like a competition with only winners around. And yes, you will have to get two wormers and two vaccinations regularly, and they will be eating for two. But the love they will give you will also be twofold, only it will feel more like a thousandfold!

Our brave girl Rolo is looking her perfect forever. She has three legs but as you can see she doesn't leave it hold her back and loves to live life to the full.


She's only a baby at 11 months old but she is a really clever girl. She is house trained and has really good recall even though she loves running free. She will need a patient home to help her grow and learn new things. She is currently working on lead manners and chewing.


Unfortunately cats are a no no for this girl but would suit a family with older children that she can play with. 

If you think you can offer this wonderful girl a home please fill out an adoption form here - Dog adoption form

Roxy is looking for her happily ever after

Our beautiful Roxy is looking for her happily ever after with a family of her very own. Roxy is a four year old Labrador / Collie. She loves people, children and other dogs. She just wants to be friends with everyone and be apart of all the fun. She definitely gets FOMO (Fear of missing out).


She's an active girl who loves to run and play. If you are looking for a walking or hiking buddy then this is the girl for you! As you can see she loves her toys so running around with children playing with toys is a good day in Roxys book. 

She loves her lazy evenings too, napping on the couch or by the fire, getting all the cuddles. She just wants a best friend or two, or three or four to call her own. To be by your side and share her life with you. Even though she is active she is also a very gentle girl so she is a good all rounder. She is the type of dog that could be everything to everyone. She also sleeps flat on her back with all four paws in the air. I understand this isn't important but it's so cute I thought it deserved a mention. 

With her epilepsy her diet is strict but very simple. She gets her medication in the morning with her breakfast and in the evening with her dinner and that's it. Since being in KLAWS care for the past month she has not had one seizure. You wouldn't even know she had it. Her routine is the same as any other dog. Just keeping a food routine with the tablets is all it takes. 

She is crate trained, house trained and lead trained. She really is the ideal dog for any household, just no cats please. 

She has so much love to give but no one to love her. Please don't leave the epilepsy put you off her as it is easily managed. Don't miss out on a lifetime with this amazing girl. 

If you think you can offer this wonderful girl a home please fill out an adoption form here - Dog adoption form