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Yum-Yum: The most loveable boy you will ever meet!

This month it will be pet health month for KLAWS and today for our first blog post we wanted to share little Yum-Yums story.

This is Yum-Yum. He’s a very special 6-week-old boy who is looking for his very own forever home full of love and understanding. What’s so special about Yum-Yum, you might ask? It’s just one thing, or two, to be exact: his front legs are a little atypical.

Yum-Yum has a congenital angular limb deformity – his forelimbs are bent slightly inwards. To help him, his vet has prescribed some light physio, a good diet for life (to keep him properly nourished and his weight in check), and lots and lots of love and cuddles daily. Cats with this condition can live long and happy lives, often without pain or need for corrective surgery.

Yum-Yum’s condition is quite mild and will probably not limit him too much – he may need to spend his life indoors, but that’s quite alright, with the right people around😊 More importantly, this ailment does not have to define him – for example, right now, among his siblings he’s the adventurous one, constantly finding new territories to explore, new mountains to climb, new balls to chase.

He is also the most cuddlesome little fella – a human lap is his favourite place on the planet, preferably with human hands being suitably occupied with administering a good belly rub or dispensing comforting strokes along his gorgeous black-and-white coat.

So, if you’re looking to fall head over heels in love with a cuter-than-cute little kitty, look no further – Yum-Yum’s the one you need in your life!

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