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Urgent! Fosters Needed!

We urgently need your help! Like many animal rescues, KLAWS does not have a phyiscal premises, because of this we rely on a number of vet clinics, a few kennels & an amazing network of voluntary fosterers.

At the moment, due to an influx of animals that need our help, we really need more fosterers. Whether you are a cat person or a dog person (or even both!) we need fosterers for all.

Can you give a cat or a dog in need a safe, loving place to stay before they find their forever home? Can you make the space and take the time to work with sometimes very shy or scared animals and show them what living really is?

If so please contact us you can contact us here - KLAWS Volunteers

or if you prefer you can contact us through our Facebook page - KLAWS

We can assist with food costs should that be necessary & any veterinary costs will be covered.

Thank you so much in advance. We would be lost without our KLAWS family! These animals depend on us!

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