Spring is in the fields

I've had dogs and cats all of my life, and with the recent pandemic restrictions, I don't think I've ever appreciated them more. Even in a rural environment, where we can at least get outside safely, it still means so much to have a dog by my side. Regardless of whatever might be happening in the world, I take great comfort in spending time with my pets.

People throughout Ireland are suffering terribly, and our hearts are with them, their loved ones and the brave and talented people caring for them. Elsewhere in the world, it's almost impossible to comprehend the pain people are experiencing, and what their process of grieving and recovery might be like.

After watching the news briefings and government updates, I sometime hear the noise of lambs in the field. It's spring, new life has arrived in the farms around us, the cycle of life continues, and the border collies that are the majority of dogs coming through our rescue, get to work! Those wonderful clever dogs are herding, protecting and watching over those precious lambs.

I'm grateful for the people we have watching over us, and the concern shown by our community is inspiring. Unfortunately we have had to close our shop in the SuperValu Shopping Centre in Kenmare and really limit any adoptions as we are unable to safely complete home inspections. However, we're an animal rescue, and we will continue to rescue animals in need when it's safe to do so.

Take care, be safe, and remember, our spring will come.


If you need ANIMAL WELFARE ASSISTANCE, please call us on 087 970 4480


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