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Happy St. Patrick's Day, from a dog far away!

Loki at home in New Haven, CT.

Here is a picture of Loki. He was adopted by an American couple here in Kerry last year, and he's just made the big trip back to Connecticut! Quite a long journey from Kenmare to New Haven, but it certainly looks like he's landed on all four paws, and has library access to boot!

Very few of us have either been able to or had to travel this last year, and we've been confined to home. For our dogs, this has been quite an adjustment, and it's really important that when we are able to travel and move around more, we start getting our pets ready for what will be a big change for them. They've gotten used to us being there all the time!

There are lots of things you can start doing now that will make the transition back to a busier schedule easier for them, and for you! We will be covering this over the next few weeks here on our website and on the KLAWS facebook page, but don't hesitate to message us if you run into problems.

Not everyones journeys will be quite as far as the one Loki has made, but as you can see here, with some preparation ahead of time, most dogs will take changes in their stride!

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!

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