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8 Summer buys for your dog this year

Summer time is such a fun time of year! It gives us so much opportunity to spend quality time with our dog! However we might need to do a little preparation before hand.

8 Summer buys for your dog this year

1. Cooling mat

As mentioned previously it is not uncommon for dogs to over-heat at this time of year and unfortunately when this happens it can be a race to fix the problem before it becomes fatal. A good way to help avoid this problem is to pick up a cooling mat that your dog can use through out the day.

2. Extra water bowls

Dogs can go through water quite quickly in the summer heat. It can be so easy to not see that they are empty of forget to refill them. My advice would be to pick up a couple of extra bowls and put them out in your garden and around the house. Just be aware of how much your dog is drinking and how quickly they are emptying the bowls. If it becomes excessive remove them as you do not want your dog to develop water intoxication.

3. Fans

Most houses in Ireland do not have air-conditioning in their homes so by adding a couple of extra fans to the mix you will not only be helping your dog but yourself aswell!

4. Doggie pool

If you do not live near water or your dog doesn't like being at the beach then a doggie / kiddie pool can be the way to go. It will keep them cool and entertained at the same time.

5. Doggie suncream

If you have a dog that is particularly prone to sunburn or skin cancer then you can buy doggie suncream to help prevent that. Consult your vet to find out more. If you have a dog like this (Generally white / lighter in colour and shorter hair, either natural or cut that way i.e Bichon) then you should try keeping them in shade and not taking them out when the sun is at it's most powerful.

6. Booties

The footpath / roads can get so hot in the summer, so hot infact that you wouldn't walk on them with your bare feet. If this is the case and you have no option but to walk them on footpaths then you can pick up little booties for them to protect their feet. These are also brilliant for hiking on tough terrain that might hurt them or cut their paws.

7. Tick remover

This is really important this time of year as tick season is in full swing. It is even more important if you live or spend a lot of time in Kerry. We have a really high rate of lime disease in both humans and animals because of the Deer Tick coming from the deer population we have. In the previous blog post I talked more about this.

8. Toys

And of course just for fun there are so many fun summer toys we can get to play with our dogs from bacon flavoured bubbles to frizzbees. Just remember that whatever toys that you choose that they are safe and dog friendly.

Have an amazing summer! We wish you a whole season full of fabulous fun with your pooch!!

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