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Whether you are bringing home a new puppy or adult dog, pet-proofing your home is really going to help them settle into their new home and family. We have put together a list of 8 tips for successfully pet-proofing your home.

1. Clear everything from the floors

Clear your floors as much as possible. This is going to help with all sorts of unwanted behaviours from your new dog.

2. Remove mats & rugs

It is best to remove any rugs or mats until you are sure that your new pet is toilet-trained. One thing to note - if your pet goes once on the rug and you don't clean it effectively, they may get into the habbit of going there all the time. We know this to be true from personal experience, so remove them before they get the chance!


3. Remove any electrical cords that maybe able to be reached by your dog

This doesn't just mean the floor, anywhere that they can reach them. Sometimes its a good idea to kneel on the floor to get a better idea of what is at eye level or in reach for them.


4. Remove anything that might cause temptation to chew

This means TV remotes, could also mean couch cushions, candles, video games, coasters on coffee tables... etc.. Remember, this is only for a short while as your pet learns the rules of the house and gets more comfortable in their new environment. Also, make sure there are a lot of options available of things that they are allowed to chew, such as toys. This will help to keep them distracted from the things that they are not allowed to chew.


5. Safeguard chemicals, such as cleaning chemicals in the bathroom and kitchen

Dogs have no understanding about chemicals. If it smells nice, and is made of nice chewable plastic then they will chew it. It's as simple as that!


6. Create a safe area for moments when you can't supervise your dog, such as a playpen for small dogs or a safe room with a doggie gate

 It will take your new dog a while to get used to both their new surroundings and the rules of the new house. Set your dog up for success by putting them in a safe space when you can't properly supervise them.


7. Remove poisonous plants from your home and garden

Try to remove any plants that maybe harmful to your new pet. Some dogs have never lived in a house before and others just like to chew and taste everything so do your dog a favour and reduce any temptation that they may have.


8. Only leave your new dog off leash outside in a fenced area

Your dog may not know their name yet and if they do they may not realise that you are their new family yet. Please never leave your dog off without suffcient training and time put into recall. We commend at least three months in their new home before off leash walking.

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