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(Including a Go Bag packing guide)

Woohoo! It's officially summertime! This means you may be planning on taking a trip with your dog. If so, we have four tips for you to make that a little easier!

1. Planning makes perfect!

If you decide to travel with your dog then correct planning can make all the difference. There is a lot to consider and there can be a lot of packing to do for them too. Research the forms of public transport you decide to use and whether there are any requirements or restrictions for your pooch. Research the area where you’re travelling, look for dog-friendly accommodation, restaurants, pubs, parks and so on. This will make it so much easier for you when you actually arrive at your destination.


2. Make sure vaccinations are up to date

Depending on your chosen destination, there may be certain shots your dog needs to have, or health requirements that they need to meet. Make sure to check these out in advance because to get a pet passport alone in Ireland it takes 30 days, for example.


3. Keep their routines normal

Yes, sometimes things can be difficult while you’re on holidays but try and keep their important routines and times as normal as possible. For example, feeding times, walkies, bedtime and potty breaks. This tells the dog that everything is ok.


4. Have a go bag

Create a bag that you can easily access with all the items you may need quickly. Here we have included a list of all the items you can add into your own Dog Go Bag for a successful holiday.


Your dog’s Go Bag


–  2x Leads (always bring a spare one just in case)

–  Collar with identity tag

–  Poop bags (always bring more than you need)

–  Training treats

–  Selection of treats to keep their attention during difficult times for them (e.g. travelling in a ferry)

–  Food (always keep some food at easy access)

–  Medication (if your dog takes any)

–  Muzzle (if needed)

–  Any protective clothing your dog might need to hand (e.g. booties for hot pavements)

–  Bowls (collapsible bowls are great for travelling)

–  Water

–  Toy

–  Travel documents (pet password and any vaccination records required)

–  Towel or pet wet wipes

–  Brush

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