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1. Keep candles and Jack-o'-Lanterns away from sniffing noses and waggly tails

Keep all burning decor out of reach. Not only can these cause burns and injuries to your pet but they can also be a fire hazards in your home.


2. Always be in before dark

Whether it's about leaving your dog outside in the garden or your dog's evening walkies, always make sure your pet is inside before dark.


3. Make sure their information is up to date

Unfortunately, during this time of year, many dogs run away and get lost owing to fear of the festivities. Make sure the information on both their collar and microchip is up to date for anyone that may find them.


4. Never force your dog to wear a costume

If your dog doesn't want to wear a costume then there are many other ways they can get involved in the spooky fun. There are festive bandanas, collar charms and harnesses that you can pick up for them. Don't worry, they can still join in on the fun!


5. Remember: your dog might not be able to recognise people in costumes

Just like these costumes are supposed to be scary for us, sometimes they are really scary for dogs, especially those that cover the face. Don't force them to receive unwanted attention from scary figures. Understand that this might scare them.


6. Hide sweet treats

Dogs can be crafty when it comes to food. And this means that they can get their paws on sweets, too. However, some sweet snacks contain a sugar substitute called xylitol. If this is eaten by your dog, then YOUR DOG MUST BE TAKEN TO A VET IMMEDIATELY. It is deadly for your dog. Keep sweets out of reach!


7. Watch out for goop, fake blood and other fun Halloween substances that can be poisonous to your dog

Dogs love to explore by sniffing and tasting. Make sure anything they decide to taste isn't poisonous for them.


8. Be careful with decor

Keep any decorations out of reach that you think your dog might like to chew on. Remember, a lot of the time they might not be able to tell the difference between decorations and toys. Set them up for success and keep any tempting decor out of reach.


9. Provide them with a safe space

With so much going on, your dog will need a safe space just for them, where they can decompress and relax. Set up a little den-like area for them in the corner of a room or put a blanket over an open crate to give them a sense of privacy and sanctuary. Alternatively, if you have a small room that they can have constant access to, such as a laundry room or utility room, then this will also make an ideal area for them.


10. Ask your vet for help

During this time of year your dog might be showing lots of signs of anxiety. All the noise, children and fireworks can really upset your dog. If you think that this might be the case, ask your vet if they have anything to help keep your pet calm during this hard time of year for them.


Halloween is one of our favourite times of year. When it is handled responsibly, it really can be fun for everyone!

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