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As anyone who has cats knows – two cats are better than one!

Let us count some of the ways why you might want to opt for adopting two instead of just one cuddly feline:

  • Two cats are better than one because they will keep each other company and that will help to keep both you and them sane.

  • They can also teach each other. For example, if one of them is younger or perhaps less familiar with a family environment, the older or otherwise wiser cat can become a real guru for the rookie. The new ones or just less experienced cats often learn by mirroring their "teacher's" behaviour. Cats learn by observation ever since they're born - by watching their mother use the litter box, hunt for food, behave in a certain way around humans, etc.

  • You won’t have to worry as much when you have to leave them for a weekend or so – two cats will keep each other from being bored and therefore doing silly, destructive stuff around the house. Yes, they will entertain each other, and you will be doubly entertained, too.

  • Cuddles will be doubled; purring will sometimes seem like a competition with only winners around.

  • Yes, you might argue that you will have to get two wormers and two vaccinations regularly, and they will be eating for two. But the love they will give you will also be twofold, only it will feel more like a thousandfold!

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