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"I think that he adopted me!"

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your pet?


My name is Sabrina and I’m living on the Ring of Kerry. My pet is a male tabby called Sífur (pronounced like C for Cat), who is about eighteen months old. He was found stuck in a lobster pot on a pier. He’s very sweet and cuddly, and also very playful and full of mischief. His favourite things to play with are anything he can chase, and big paper bags!


Why did you decide to foster/adopt?


I’ve always loved animals, and throughout my life my family always had cats and dogs. I’ve always wanted to foster an animal and help it out. When Sífur came to me, he was very skinny and had a lot of injuries. I knew when I heard about him that I would be the right person to help him to get his strength back.


How did you end up adopting your pet?


To be really honest, I think that he adopted me! He’s so affectionate and cuddly and once he got comfortable staying with me, he would follow me around like a little furry shadow. He always wants to be involved in whatever I am doing, whether it’s making the dinner or working on my computer. He might not be any good at helping out, but he is definitely good company! He’s still very young, so he does like to cause a little bit of chaos and mayhem. I make sure that he has lots of toys to play with and cosy places to hang out, as well as access to the outdoors to go burn off some of that youthful energy!


Why did you choose KLAWS?


My friends had told me about the great work that KLAWS do in Kerry to help animals in need, and I was impressed by their really helpful and friendly volunteer team.


Do you have any advice for people currently adopting or thinking about adopting a pet?


Animals are like humans in a way - they’re all different and have their own unique personalities. You never know what the personality of the animal you are rescuing will be like, so before you decide to take on an animal, make sure that you are willing to put in the work to get to know them and their needs, and that you are able to provide them with the time, attention and love that they deserve. The more energy you can give to your pet, the happier you and they will be, and the better your bond with them will be.

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