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"A complete joy"

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your rescue pet(s)

My name is Jonathan Edwards, I live in Liverpool and I am married to Amanda. Love the great outdoors and that's where you will find me with my dogs most of the time. We are passionate about helping animals and our current batch are:

Chip, Collie x Retriever -Dog.

Sam, Collie - Dog.

Olive, Black Cat.

Murphy, Black Cat.

Eddy, Black Cat.

Willow, Black Cat.

Roland, Black Cat.

Petra, Rabbit.

Frosty, Rabbit.

All our pets have had shocking treatments from abusers or just bad luck after being either dumped or abandoned in rescue centres.


Why did you decide to adopt?

We always have. So many animals already need help and provide endless love and companionship to their families. We would have a lot more if we had the room. As soon as I looked at Chip’s picture, I knew straight away she was coming to live with us.

How did you find Chip?

I do like collies and tend to help animals from rural settings as unfortunately they have no voice and nobody notices them. Therefore, I was looking in areas such as West Ireland, Wales and West Scotland and then bingo, Chip popped up.

What have been the highlights of your life with Chip?

All our pets are special and unique. Each has their own characteristics which is endearing in its own way. The two little habits she has developed since we got her are firstly, she's an attention seeker, sits in front of me and does her baby bark, so funny. Secondly, when she wants a cuddle, she puts her head on my knee and gives me the 'look', can't resist.


Have you had to face any challenges with regards to bringing home and living with your rescue pets? If so, how have you overcome or coped with them?

Don't get any animal if you are not prepared for the huge amount of effort that goes into them. With all of our pets, we have had growlers, biters, hissers, those that hide, are scared and don't trust humans due to ill treatment or have developed bizarre coping behaviours. Just like humans, it takes time for them to adjust and some may have issues for their whole life. We just give them loads of time, affection and a safe environment, they come around eventually.


If you had to describe Chip in just three words, what would they be?

A complete joy.


Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about adopting a rescue pet?

Understand the commitment required, realise it’s a full time job. That said, you get back what you put in and my life is exponentially better for having rescued the current, past and no doubt future lodgers.

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