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"Adopting a rescue is so rewarding"

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your rescue pets

Mu husband and I have two cats from KLAWS. We have Chowder, who we adopted in 2021 and Butterscotch who we adopted eight months later. Our cats are indoor cats, and it became clear to us after a few months that Chowder would need company once we went back to work full time after the lockdowns (remember those?!). We wanted to ensure that we got a cat that would match Chowder, so I reached out to KLAWS and asked them to keep an eye out for any cat they felt might be a good fit. They connected us with Butterscotch, and they were so right. They are great friends.

What made you decide to adopt?

I have always had cats. We had a beautiful cat we loved who was unfortunately killed by a car outside our house. When we decided to adopt again, we looked into how to ensure a cat can be happy indoors before we did so. We didn’t want to go through that again. I would encourage anyone considering getting a cat to look into having them indoor only. It’s better for the cats and the ecosystem!

How did you find Chowder and Butterscotch?

We were not looking to adopt another cat, wanting to wait a certain amount of time after our cat Babs had passed until we felt fully ready. But I was on the KLAWS Facebook and saw Chowder. The post said he was the last of a litter of kittens. They had all been adopted and he was the last one and no one seemed to want him.

It broke my heart and I fell in love with him right away. I think he was left behind so we could find him. He was exactly what we needed. Butterscotch came to us after KLAWS told us they thought she would be a good match for Chowder as a friend. We ended up waiting longer than expected because it turned out she was pregnant, when she was only a kitten herself. She was worth the wait.

What have been the highlights of your life with Chowder and Butterscotch?

We adore them!! It’s impossible to imagine our lives without them waking us up at 5am for their breakfast. They both had difficult starts to life before they came to KLAWS. Here, they are in charge. They sleep where they want, go where they want, and keep us on their schedule.

Have you had to face any challenges with regards to bringing home and living with Chowder and Butterscotch? If so, how have you overcome or coped with them?

When we first got him, Chowder was very afraid. He would hide in places in the house we could never find, and when he came out, he would hiss at doors. It took him a few weeks to trust us, and I don’t think I have heard him hiss in three years, even when Butterscotch hisses at him.

Chowder and Butterscotch adjusted well to their introductions, far better than I expected. Their biggest issue now is Chowder pushing Butterscotch off a lap he wants to sit on when she is currently asleep in it.

Butterscotch has had some health problems. She was attacked by another cat before she came to KLAWS. As a result, she has some sinus issues that make her breathing loud, but with lots of care and TLC, we only hear it now when she has been chasing Chowder around the house. Her immune system is a bit weak, she has skin allergies, and we have had to have her teeth removed (she has two left!) but she is the sweetest, most loving cat and takes any medication we give her with very little resistance. We understand her health problems are resulting from her rough start in life, we have excellent vets, and she is insured. Her life expectancy is normal, we just need to give her extra medication sometimes. We are so glad she found us; we love taking care of her.

If you had to describe Chowder and Butterscotch in just three words, what would they be?

Best friends sometimes!

Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about adopting a rescue pet?

Look into making your adopted cat an indoor cat! Cats should live up to 20 years, but life outside is hard on them and reduces that life expectancy to around 4 years. They can be really happy and entertained in an indoor space, there’s loads of advice online on how to ensure that. 

Other than that, adopting a rescue is so rewarding. Try to hear the story of how they came to be in their care, it helps you understand your pet better, particularly in those early days when everyone is adjusting to settling in.

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