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"I think it’s great to be able to give an animal that sort of comfort and security"

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your pet?


My name is Aislinn, I adopted my cat Susy from KLAWS during Covid nearly 2 years ago! Susy is full of life, sassy and the boss of our house. We also have a dog Gizmo and were worried at the start whether they would get along, but they have so much fun together, chasing each other around the garden and cosying up on the bed after a long day of running around!

Why did you decide to adopt?


The reason I adopted Susy was because our previous cat had passed away and I missed having a cat around. We were working from home and I knew I could give a cat a place where they could call home. Adopting an animal to me is the only option and I think it’s great to be able to give an animal that sort of comfort and security.


How did you see the pet that you adopted?


I reached out to KLAWS myself after looking on their website and I saw that they had cats that were looking for to homes. I got an email back straight away with a picture of Susy asking if I would like to adopt her. After a conversation with my amazing partner Niall we decided to take Susy and give her a new life!


Why did you choose KLAWS?


I chose KLAWS as it’s a charity in Kerry that is local and I always felt that adopting an animal is the best way! KLAWS have a great website and the people that work there are very communicative. They made the process so easy for us! The lady even came in from Waterville with Susy as it was during lockdown and we could not travel.

Do you have any advice for people currently adopting or thinking about adopting a pet?


My advice would be, make sure you have the time and patience when adopting as it takes a while for them to get used to your home. If you already have animals introduce them slowly to your new pet, and lastly, give them all the cuddles and kisses you can to make them feel loved!

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