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Izzy - Pin up of the year 2022

Thank you all for your competition entries. We had so many amazing photos to choose from, we were spoilt for choice. So much so we didn't only pick one but THREE runners up too! But who could blame us! We are only human after all.

It was such a difficult decision but after much, much deliberation and dithering back and forth we decided our overall winner was Izzy the cat. I think you will all agree she is a little beauty, looking all serene in the photo and a very worthy winner. Just look at those eyes!

However as I mention we did decide to go for three runner ups too. We choose Ella Wizard and Alfie. Looking at cute animal picks is definitely the best job, unfortunately choosing between them is not so easy.

Thank you all once again for all your entries. We just loved looking at all your wonderful photos of your amazing fur babies! Make sure to enter them all again in future competitions!!

Well done to Izzy and the runners up. We will see you all soon in the 2022 KLAWS Charity Calendar!

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