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Adoption Interview: Anne Barry

Anne Barry has adopted three cats from KLAWS now - Sophie, Tacco and Angel. Here she tells us all about her experience with adopting these beautiful babies.

Hello, my name is Anne Barry and I'm living in portmagee. When I moved to portmagee my daughter wanted another kitten so we decided to look for one. We looked on the KLAWS website and found a little black kitten. We fell in love with her as she had the most beautiful eyes. Sophie was 4 months old and so shy. She is now 2 years old and happy out, being spoiled. Then last year we saw a kitten on Facebook and decided to take him too. His name was Jacob then but we decided to change his name to Tacco. He now is a year old and he is happy out too. They are both house cats but tacco loves hunting. However he always comes back at 7pm. Its like he knows what time his bedtime is! They both sleep in my daughters bed watching her all night and getting lots of love and cuddles. KLAWS is a beautiful place to adopt a pet from. In the future I will definitely be getting another kitten pets are family.

Since this interview Anne and her daughter Haley have a adopted another little kitten which they have named Angel! Everyone at KLAWS wishes them all the happiness in the world with their beautiful kitty cats.


If you are thinking about adopting a pet from KLAWS please check out our animals for adoption here - Animals for adoption


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